Shadowolf Volume 1: The Celenic Earth Chronicles

Welcome to a world of magic, mystery and mythology. Celenic Earth is home to the elves, dwarves, and humans, who have been living together with tense relationships and a disturbing history. Elemental magic is at its height among the humans, but one of them has decided to take the world within his own hands. Summoning dark creatures from other worlds, he starts a war towards fulfilling the prophecy of the Sadgi, a master of all 5 elements of spirit, water, fire, earth, and air.


WINDFARER: Journey with Shadowolf in a fantasy world where the natural elements are harnessed by humans. A prisoner by the name of Mercius who has mastered the element of air has escaped. Aligning with the dark lord Le'Mar, Mercius sets his sights on releasing the ultimate power node, prophesied only to be released by a Windfarer during the Masaran Phenomenon. While engaged in the war that Le'Mar has brought to Celenic Earth, Shadowolf discovers that he may be the only one who can stop the evil mage.

DRAGONRIDER: The Dragon War has been brought by Le'Mar to Celenic Earth. After being missing for two years, having been taken by the Dragon King to their world, the time has come to return home. Shadowolf engages with the former members of the Shadow Clan, his most trusted friends and allies. Together, they must bring together the forces of the humans, elves and dwarves to take another stand against the dark lord and his elite DragonRider, Sonersaat. Le'Mar is hellbent on becoming the ultimate master of the elements, known as the Sadgi, and becoming ruler of Celenic Earth... and Shadowolf will do everything in his new power to stop him.

SADGI: Shadowolf returns once again to his home in Celenic Earth and sees just how absolute Le'Mar's rule has become. Having discovered the true power of the elements, he visits his loved ones and comrades. Their fighting spirit has dissipated in the dark lord's pervasive fog on the land that forbids the use of elemental magic among humans. Somehow, Shadowolf must rally all the races and creatures of Celenic Earth for one last battle, hoping to prove that he is the one true Sadgi, and master of all five elements. This time, he is taking the fight to Le'Mar.

***### REVIEWS AND PRAISE ###***

“Jooste’s imagination has depth of both scale and scope, with parallels between this imaginary world and the real world, characterised by an interesting contrast between the industrialised evil forces and the ‘natural’ forces of good…”

- Thomas Jeffery; NELM News 49, Dec 2008: National English Literary Museum of South Africa

“Fans of high fantasy such as Tolkien, Terry Brooks or David Eddings will be well pleased with Jooste’s first novels and foray into the popular genre…He is finding his rhythm and style, doing a great job of making the reader care for the hero and characters; these books will be in my rotation of heavily reread fantasy novels in my bookshelf.”

Ellen Hotchkiss; Feb 2009: Lecturer, Milledgeville, Georgia

“If you are looking for an epic, sweeping expanse fantasy book to read, then this is it. Congratulations to Shaun Jooste for entering the world of print in the fantasy genre with a tale that will be picked up again and again just so I can immerse myself into his richly described world that is Celenic Earth.”

C Melrose; Goodreads review; Jan 2016: Writer, Perth, Australia

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