CEA Greatest Anthology Written

CEA Greatest Anthology Written

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Welcome to the greatest anthology of short stories you will ever read! 

Writers from all over the world, whether they are absolutely new in the writing world, or have some books already published behind their names, have come together in one glorious volume to bring you some fantastic tales.

From Romance, Fairy Tales and Contemporary Fiction, to the hard hitting Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction, we’ve made sure you get a bit of everything. With over 100 stories for you to enjoy, this Volume will surely keep you busy for months to come!

Here are the writers who have brought you these amazing tales:

Adam Leggett, Adrian Johnson, Alistair Davidse, Amanda Desiree, Amanda Rebello, Anastasia-Alexandra Nenova, Andi Hodgetts, Andrew Troth, Angelique Pacheco, Annie Louise Twitchell, B.E. Scully, Barry N. Cox, Benson Sibigam Isaac, Brigette Ronne, C.M. Sheely, Candice Cloete, Carina Merritt, Caroline Reid, Catherine Taylor, Chantelle Salt, Clare Howie, Cynthia Booth, Dani J Caile, Daniel Hall, Darren Goossens, David Shorb, Dean Clark, Debbie Stansfield, Dion Perry, Donna Marie West, Eric J. Guignard, Erik T. Johnson, Erin Fitch, Frank Roger, Gaёtane Burkolter, Gemma Tarr, Gerry Huntman, Godfrey Coppinger, Grannd Kane, Gregory L. Norris, Heather Wilson, Hilda Wilson, Jeffrey A. Cooper, Jeremy Lackey, Jessica C. Joiner, JG Faherty, John Irvine, John M. Floyd, Jude Cocaigne, Kaaron Warren, Karen Morall, Katrina van Oostrum, Keith Disley, Kendell M. Jones, Kindra Sowder, Krista Lynn, Kristi Anne Shorb, Kylie Pfeiffer, Lawrie Leve, Lecura Bonner, Leonie Harris, Lisa Morton, Lucio Rodriguez, Lucy Taylor, Lynette Greenfield, Madge H. Gressley, Marc E. Fitch, Marian Maplesden, Mav Skye, Miodrag 'Michael' Milicevic, Mira Fahlan, Mirren Hogan, MK Clark, Molly Neely, Mouse Diver-Dudfield, Naomi Lucas, Nathaniel Kaine, Nerisha Kemraj, Nikky Olivier, Oz Monroe, Pamela Jeffs, Peter Deelman, Pragashnie Naidoo, Ray Daley, Raymond Little, Rebekah DeVall, Richard Matthewson, Robbie Jackson-Keenan, Roy C. Booth, Russell Smeaton, Seshadari Moodley, Shaakirah Motete, Shameez Patel Papathanasiou, Shane Porteous, Shaun M Jooste, Silvana G. Sánchez, Stacy Savage, Sunayna Pal, Suzana Sjenicic, Tega Greats, Tejal Singh, Theolin Thembo, Tracy L Carbone, Travis Ludvigson, Walter Rhein, Wesley Rolfe, Wondra Vanian, Zena Shapter

So delve into our largest volume ever, and find the stories that you love the most.