Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins

Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins

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Welcome to the fascinating and mystical world of Antreya! Antreya Studios is currently developing a fantasy MMORPG called Antreya Chronicles, and game set in a fantasy world filled with magic, fantasy races, mythical gods and wonderful creatures. 

Heroes of Antreya: The Journey Begins is written by the Antreya Studios creative writing team of Dean Clark and Shaun M Jooste, and forms the main questline plot of the game. It is a gamebook which sets out the storyline in narrative form, and gives future Antreya game players a taste of the game currently in development.

There is a dark omen upon the lands of Antreya. Kidnappings are becoming a severely common occurrence, and the Antreyan faction leaders are becoming more and more concerned. Word spreads across the land of these disappearances, as three young warriors finalise their faction trials. Krestyl, a Vyrocin Reyt, is the first to set off on her quest to discover the cause behind these disappearances. Unknown to her, a Trelys Minoseun called Sernagum and a Resuin Siopus called Darius set off on the same mission, each for their own purposes. 

Despite taking different paths and learning various mysteries along the way, all three meet up in the desert town of Alindria. When they discover that their goals are the same, Krestyl suggests that they work together to find the source of the kidnappings. Each one sets off to do their part, uncovering clues to one large puzzle that may be bigger than the three of them put together. And when all of them team up to fight the largest battle of their lives, they wonder if they can truly trust each other's motives.